The Comfortable Courtesan
Being Memoirs
by Clorinda Cathcart

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Written on the flyleaf of the first volume, apparently at a later date…

Apologia for my temerity in writing this memoir. I shall not say how, and why, at the age of 15 I became the mistress of the Earl of Craven, because I never had the kind of opportunities that Harriette Wilson wast’d.

However, I enjoy’d the patronage of a number of generous suitors, and in particular, at the age of 27 I fell in with a wealthy Northern ironmaster, whose sound financial advice even more than his generosity ensur’d me the means for comfortable living without the need for writing scandal-monging memoirs, indeed enabling me to support a number of charitable enterprises.

This narrative sets out to encourage a rational and prudent approach to the profession of harlotry and to dispel the notion that a fallen woman is bound to die in the gutter, pennyless and poxt, afore her 30th year.

Felicities Maximized Cover

Felicities Maximized
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 12

Published: November 2018

Shaken by her action in thwarting the malign intentions of Mr R- O-, and saddened by the breach this has caused in her friendship with Sandy, Clorinda has fled to Naples with the Contessa, leaving matters in Town out of her hands. Can matters among her set get along without her? Can her friendship with Sandy ever be repaired?

Invited Everywhere Cover

Invited Everywhere
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 11

Published: October 2018

Matters having fallen out very satisfactorily for the family of the Earl of N-, and with several other problems contrived for, Clorinda embarks upon a round of summer house-parties. But there are troubling sinister undercurrents…

An Honourable Estate Cover

An Honourable Estate
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 10

Published: September 2018

Clorinda has brought about a happier state of affairs in the Earl of N-’s family, but fears that this may have earned her the Earl’s enmity. The bad poet Mr W- Y-’s behaviour is becoming increasingly and worryingly erratic. Bets are being laid on the likelihood of Clorinda’s remarriage, and the identity of the groom. There are still a deal of contrivances upon hand.

Romantick Stratagems Cover

Romantick Stratagems
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 9

Published: August 2018

Clorinda has successfully brought about a better state of affairs in the household of Lord D-. However, there are still problems in her circle; in particular, there seems something not quite right in the Earl of N-’s establishment…

Sudden Death Cover

Sudden Death
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 8

Published: July 2018

Shaken by her encounter with the escaped lunatic marquess, Clorinda nonetheless continues upon her social round of visits and house-parties. There are new friends with new troubles, leading to new contrivances…

Society Favourite Cover

Society Favourite
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 7

Published: June 2018

Clorinda’s domestic upheavals have finally been resolved with the marriage of Hector and Euphemia. The political coterie of her friends and associates continues to expand, dogged by fears of covert endeavours to discover them to be involved in seditious activities. Clorinda is becoming increasingly widely received in Society, as are the F-s. Earlier events continue to have repercussions and further consequences.

(12 Books · Page 1 of 2)