The Comfortable Courtesan
Being Memoirs
by Clorinda Cathcart

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Written on the flyleaf of the first volume, apparently at a later date…

Apologia for my temerity in writing this memoir. I shall not say how, and why, at the age of 15 I became the mistress of the Earl of Craven, because I never had the kind of opportunities that Harriette Wilson wast’d.

However, I enjoy’d the patronage of a number of generous suitors, and in particular, at the age of 27 I fell in with a wealthy Northern ironmaster, whose sound financial advice even more than his generosity ensur’d me the means for comfortable living without the need for writing scandal-monging memoirs, indeed enabling me to support a number of charitable enterprises.

This narrative sets out to encourage a rational and prudent approach to the profession of harlotry and to dispel the notion that a fallen woman is bound to die in the gutter, pennyless and poxt, afore her 30th year.

Society Favourite Cover

Society Favourite
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 7

Published: June 2018

Clorinda’s domestic upheavals have finally been resolved with the marriage of Hector and Euphemia. The political coterie of her friends and associates continues to expand, dogged by fears of covert endeavours to discover them to be involved in seditious activities. Clorinda is becoming increasingly widely received in Society, as are the F-s. Earlier events continue to have repercussions and further consequences.

Domestick Disruptions Cover

Domestick Disruptions
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 6

Published: May 2018

Clorinda continues becoming ever closer to the F-s and their family. Their political coterie is growing in esteem and gaining further allies. But there are consequences still impending from contrivances she formerly wrought, as well as problems closer to home…

Dramatick Rivalry Cover

Dramatick Rivalry
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 5

Published: April 2018

Clorinda is becoming increasingly accepted in Society. The F-s are also getting on and it is proposed that Josiah F- should stand as an MP. As a result of Clorinda’s contrivances, the F-s will come to reside with their family in the east wing of R- House, enabling Eliza F- to sort out the ongoing domestic problems in Lord R-’s establishment. However, a device is still needed to prevent any speculations upon the relationship between Lord R- and Mr MacD-…

Old Enemies, New Problems Cover

Old Enemies, New Problems
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 4

Published: March 2018

Following her very brief marriage to Lord R-‘s friend the Marquess of B-, Clorinda is now the Dowager Marchioness of B-. While constrained by the formalities of mourning, she is becoming accepted in Society through her own ventures into philanthropy and the patronage of Lady J-. She remains the beloved third of Mr and Mrs F-. She takes up her pen again during a trip to her late husband’s villa near Naples in company with Lord R- and Mr MacD‑.

A Change of Station Cover

A Change of Station
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 3

Published: February 2018

Clorinda returns to Town after her supposed sojourn at Carlsbad helping Miss G- out of a pickle. She is now in a loving triad relationship with the F-s, hindered by distance and concerns for their reputation, and has given them her beloved baby daughter Flora to bring up as their own. Can she regain her former position? Will her circle recover from Miss A-’s wild behaviour?

Rustick Exile Cover

Rustick Exile
The Comfortable Courtesan
Volume 2

Published: January 2018

Clorinda is now most happily reconciled with Mr F- and has found unexpected female friendship with Mrs F-. Her position is a good deal more secure as a result of General Y-’s bequest. Biffle, Duke of M-, is now happily married to the former Miss T-. Mrs O’C- has obtained a separation from her scoundrel husband. Mr O’C-’s malign plots have been thwarted. Mr E- has been prevailed upon to pay a substantial sum to Seraphine to provide for their child, and has left Town under a cloud. But Clorinda shortly finds that she has a new worry…

(7 Books · Page 1 of 2)