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Being Memoirs
by Clorinda Cathcart

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Regency London

Wednesday 21st March 2018

The largest city in the world, centre of global trade, but poised awkwardly between old and modern worlds and ways.

Domestic Economy

Wednesday 28th February 2018

Clorinda might sometimes protest that she was ‘not mistress in her own household’, but it was very well-run and it is clear that Seraphine (and later Euphemia) was a mistress of the arts of the kitchen, and that Phoebe had to know a good deal more than how to dust and scrub.

The Healing Arts

Sunday 31st December 2017

The state of medical knowledge and medical practice in Regency England.

Crime and Punishment, Law and Order

Friday 29th December 2017

The state of the administration of law in Regency London

Some General Historical Background

Friday 29th December 2017

What was going on in Britain and the world more generally when Clorinda began her memoirs? The wider context within which she was writing.

Women and Marriage

Thursday 7th December 2017

Women’s situation in marriage in the early nineteenth century: property, legalities, separation, divorce. Why a lady with a comfortable independence might not wish to dwindle into a wife.

(12 Articles · Page 1 of 2)