An Honourable Estate | The Comfortable Courtesan
Being Memoirs
by Clorinda Cathcart

An Honourable Estate
The Comfortable Courtesan: Volume 10

An Honourable Estate Cover

Clorinda has brought about a happier state of affairs in the Earl of N-’s family, but fears that this may have earned her the Earl’s enmity. The bad poet Mr W- Y-’s behaviour is becoming increasingly and worryingly erratic. Bets are being laid on the likelihood of Clorinda’s remarriage, and the identity of the groom. There are still a deal of contrivances upon hand.

L.A. Hall
Published: September 2018

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ISBN (eBook) : 978-1-912481-18-7
ISBN (Print)   : 978-1-912481-19-4