Beaufoyle Beaufoyle, Duke of Mulcaster

First met Clorinda when he was Lord Sallington, heir to the Old Duke of Mulcaster, who subsequently sent him to a post in the Diplomatic Service in Turkey, at least partly for fear that he might prevail upon Clorinda to fly with him to Gretna Green to contract a marriage there. He inherits on his father’s untimely demise in a hunting accident. Is known to his family and intimates as ‘Biffle’, the name which his older sister, Lady Jane’s, infant lisp made of Beaufoyle. Marries twice: to Katherine ‘Kitty’ Thorne, by whom he has one son, Beaufoyle Beaufoyle, Lord Sallington, ‘Essie’, ‘Beauf’, and who dies in child bed. Secondly to Viola Knowles: by whom he has offspring Lady Catherine ‘Cathy’, Lord Rollo, Lord Gilbert ‘Gillie’, Lord Stephen ‘Steenie’, and Lady Isabella ‘Bella’.

Also known as: Duke of M-, Lord S-, His Grace of Mulcaster, Lord Sallington, His Grace of M-, Biffle

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