Rustick Exile | The Comfortable Courtesan
Being Memoirs
by Clorinda Cathcart

Rustick Exile
The Comfortable Courtesan: Volume 2

Rustick Exile Cover

Clorinda is now most happily reconciled with Mr F- and has found unexpected female friendship with Mrs F-. Her position is a good deal more secure as a result of General Y-’s bequest. Biffle, Duke of M-, is now happily married to the former Miss T-. Mrs O’C- has obtained a separation from her scoundrel husband. Mr O’C-’s malign plots have been thwarted. Mr E- has been prevailed upon to pay a substantial sum to Seraphine to provide for their child, and has left Town under a cloud. But Clorinda shortly finds that she has a new worry…

L.A. Hall
Published: January 2018

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ISBN (eBook) : 978-1-912481-02-6
ISBN (Print)   : 978-1-912481-03-3