Dramatick Rivalry | The Comfortable Courtesan
Being Memoirs
by Clorinda Cathcart

Dramatick Rivalry
The Comfortable Courtesan: Volume 5

Dramatick Rivalry Cover

Clorinda is becoming increasingly accepted in Society. The F-s are also getting on and it is proposed that Josiah F- should stand as an MP. As a result of Clorinda’s contrivances, the F-s will come to reside with their family in the east wing of R- House, enabling Eliza F- to sort out the ongoing domestic problems in Lord R-’s establishment. However, a device is still needed to prevent any speculations upon the relationship between Lord R- and Mr MacD-…

L.A. Hall
Published: April 2018

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ISBN (eBook) : 978-1-912481-08-8
ISBN (Print)   : 978-1-912481-09-5